G'day, I'm Lloyd. I help people make podcasts, music and online audio content.

Freelance audio engineer from Melbourne, Australia.

What I do?

I enjoy making people sound good. I’m obsessed with music, sound production, and sharing important messages with podcasting.

( ͠• ͜ʖ ͡•)


✌ Previously worked as a window washer in Copenhagen and as a sound technician in the theatre.

✄ Currently working part-time for an Australian podcast company and freelancing on the side.

✍ Mostly self-taught – A big proponent of learning on the job.

⌨ I have a degree in multimedia design.

I have a diverse audio related skill-set that is a result of many years of exploration and curiosity in sound production.

I enjoy working with nice people on important projects. I can edit, mix, record and compose. I’m currently working a lot in podcasting and endeavour to make episodes that stand out from the crowd!

"Lloyd was a breeze to work with on our audio documentary series, Silent Waves. He was efficient, enthusiastic and dedicated in the sound design process. I highly recommend working with him."
Georgina Savage
Audio Producer, Silent Waves.
Lloyd is a creative and skilled technical producer who was integral to the quality of our new podcast.  His ideas and easy-going approach were invaluable in our production team.  He even composed the music!
Justine McSweeney
Consulting Producer, Facilitate This!
"Lloyd is just the right mix of professional, approachable and flexible. He can be relied on to give good feedback on your ideas, but also execute your vision. I'll be working with Lloyd for a long while yet!"
Mark Spencer
Founder, Climactic Podcast Network.